T520 Main PCA Board

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updated 08/06/22

One Year Exchange Warranty

The part you will receive includes a One Year Exchange Warranty.

It is verified to work without errors by me -- A HP Certified Technician trained to work on the HP DesignJet printers since 1995.

How does a defective core exchange work?



I can ship immediately. SHIPPING TODAY REQUIRES A $100.00 REFUNDABLE CORE DEPOSIT. An invoice for the CORE DEPOSIT will be emailed to you via Paypal (credit card accepted). A pre-paid shipping label for the return of the defective part will be included in the package (US customers only).


I send you a pre-paid shipping label for the return of the defective part. When the package tracking number for your defective part is registered on the USPS website, your replacement part will be shipped to you.

Different lot number part numbers reference the same part: CQ890-67023 CQ890-60251 CQ890-67097

I've had service calls on several T520 with similar error codes. The last one was BA7E70E6. The 'B' codes harkens back to the day when I routinely saw this type of error on the old 1050c\ 1055cm models. I used to tell customers you have the 'error code of death'. In more technical terms, the Main PCA Board has a defective chip or routine call somewhere on it and needs to be replaced. Replacing the (CQ890-67023 CQ890-60251 CQ890-67097) has resolved the error for me.


If you have a 59.2:19 error . . .


Enter service mode and do a hard reset.

With the error on screen, try pressing the Power button continuously for 15 seconds.

The Support Menu screen should display

Press Support menu, > key, 3 times.

Screen should read:

Press OK
> key, 3 times

Screen should read:
Reset > Hard Resets

Press OK

The printer is going to ask for the password.
The password is: 3746

Press OK

Screen should display:

FullNVMReset Please wait . .

If it works, the printer will reboot and ask you to select language.

Please call me if you need additional support.

Thank You,