Designjet T series firmware (stable version)

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Having worked on dozens of Designjet T series printers,
I feel like HP is building walls not bridges to make them work.

Upgrading to the latest firmware builds a wall. Downgrading the firmware builds a bridge. 

If your Designjet T series printer is hung up on booting errors (59 or 79), try downgrading the firmware to a stable version.

The older version of the firmware is available for free.

Save the older firmware file to a USB stick and try to boot off of it. Afterwards, remove the USB stick.

Hopefully, reverting back to a previously good version of the firmware will bypass the 59 or 79 errors. And your bridge is rebuilt.


Service Manual Guidelines for the 59 error

1. Enter Diagnostics Boot Mode.

Link to do so.

2. Enter Service Utilities Menu 

3. Perform Hard Disk Recovery Utility 

4. Enter Diagnostics Menu and perform EEROM Reset

5. Reboot and hope for the best.

Collection of Designjet T series printer parts can be found here.