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Designjet Belts March 12 2015

Replacing your designjet belt will take about two hours if you never done it before. The videos I provide to assist you can be found at youtube channel fixyourdesignjet. Generally, you should get between 3-5 years life out of your replacement belt. 

About me

I was an HP Customer Engineer from 1995-2002. During this time, I serviced contract and warranty calls within the Northern Indiana area. When I left HP, I took my Designjet service experience and started my own business servicing out of contract plotters. Designjetpartsfast.com was launched in 2009. With over 19 years Designjet experience, I can help you resolve issues you are experiencing with your Designjet Printer.

Please call or email me with your Designjet questions. fixed@designjetpartsfast.com 260.348.5653