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79:04 errors are caused by a firmware mismatch between the printer and the new part installed.
Firmware upgrade with USB flash drive
  • Use a USB flash drive to perform a firmware upgrade

    1. Turn off the printer.

    2. Ensure that your USB flash drive contains a valid FMW firmware file and no other files (download from

    3. Connect the USB flash drive to the USB host port on the formatter.

    4. Turn on the printer and follow the instructions on the front panel.

  • The USB host port can be used to upgrade the printer's firmware of the printer using a standard USB flash drive. In this case only a valid .FMW firmware package may be stored in the drive, with no other files. Connect the USB flash drive and follow the instructions on the front panel.

    Special firmware upgrades Emergency firmware upgrade

    If it is not possible to perform a firmware upgrade using normal procedures (for instance, the printer has a System Error and the Embedded Web Server is inaccessible), it is still possible to perform a firmware upgrade in two different ways: start the printer in diagnostics mode and send a PLT file by FTP, or use a USB flash drive.

    1.0 Send a PLT file via FTP in Diagnostics Mode <<see below>>

  • Troubleshooting

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    1. 2.

    Ensure that the printer is connected to your local area network.
    Open the printer's Diagnostics menu.

    3. Select I/O Information.

    1. The front panel displays the I/O information.

    2. Open an FTP session from a computer connected to the same network as the printer, and send the PLT firmware file to the printer. If you don't have the PLT file, please escalate using the normal escalation mode.

    3. After about 15 minutes, the front panel displays the Diagnostics menu again.

    4. Restart the printer.


    Entering Diagnostics Mode

    Make sure the printer is switched off with the Power key on the front of the printer and not with the power switch on the back of the printer.

    Press and hold the Up and OK keys. While holding the Up and OK keys down, press the Power key to turn on the printer, then release it while continuing to hold down the Up and OK keys. Wait until the HP logo appears in the front-panel display, then release all keys.

    In the Diagnostics menu, select a diagnostic test with the arrow keys and press the OK key to begin the highlighted test.