Old driver from 2009 for Designjet 500, 510, 800 series printers. January 18 2022, 0 Comments

It worked great until HP upgraded with the kill switch embedded.



500 Driver link:


510 Driver link:


Either one above should work in a 800 model.

Firmware A.04.02 is too big to post here. Send me an email.

For all other legacy models

Driver link:


Installation Instructions:

1. Unarchived the rar file. It will create a folder called pl532en

2. Opened the Add a printer window and selected adding a network printer (mine is running on home wired internet though a router).

3. I selected "the printer that I want isn't listed"

4. I selected "Add a printer using a TCP/IP address or hostname"

5. I entered "TCP/IP Device" for the host type.

6. Under the "host or IP address" I entered the IP address (

7. after "next" I get a message saying that the computer is connecting to the printer then a "Install print driver" window comes up. It asks me to select the printer from a list or to click the box if I have a disk.

8. On the list it has my correct printer and the model I have (Hp Designjet755CM(C3198B)

9. It has an alert saying the driver is not digitally signed.

10. I selected "Next" anyway

11. The printer name in the box came up HP Designjext 755CM(C3198B) by HP - I left it unchanged.

12. I selected "Next"

13. I received a green bar saying it was installing the driver.

14 A window came up for "Print Sharing" with the default to share the printer so I left that alone and selected "Next"

15. The next window said I successfully added the designjet and if I wanted it to be my default.  I unchecked the box.

16. I selected the button to print a test page.

17. The box came up saying it was sending a test page to the printer and the green light on the printer started flashing.

18. Windows Test Print Completed!


Please leave a comment below if this worked (or not).