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Designjet T series 59 error

A. How To Resolve.

B. What Is A 59 Error.



1. Remove inks, print heads and roll of paper. Turn printer off.

3. From Diagnostics menu (p.132) perform Hard Disk Recovery (p.169) and than perform EEPROM (p.167) reset.


What triggers the 79 error is when a part is replaced, the printer recognizes two different versions of firmware. The printer wants to resolve this mismatch (79 error) by requiring a reinstall of the firmware to harmonize the two parts.

If parts originally was installed in another printer, or cloned from another printer are reused in different one, a system error 59.3:xx will be displayed. When a printer is upgraded to firmware version IG_02_05_01.3 and the HDD is replaced; if the HDD firmware is an older version, an upgrade to firmware 2.5 or higher will be mandatory. System error 08:18 or 08:04.1 may appear asking to upgrade the firmware before being able to continue working with the printer


How To Install Firmware:

1. Download firmware file to a USB stick.

2. Install the USB stick into the USB slot on the formatter.

3. Turn on the printer. It may take 2 or 3 attempts to boot.

4. After the firmware is installed, printer working, remove the USB stick.