How to avoid a Designjet T series 59.2:00 error May 10 2016, 0 Comments now offers new Designjet printers, ink, and cartridges for immediately delivery. Models include T630, T650, T730, T830, T1600, T1700, T2600.

Having worked on dozens of Designjet T series printers for two years now, I feel like HP is building walls not bridges with their printers. Their marketing strategy of preventing the customer from fixing their own printer in favor of steering them into buying new products can be bypassed here. Upgrading to the latest firmware builds a wall. Downgrading the firmware builds a bridge. 

The 59 error code is a profit feature for HP. They modified the firmware to prohibit working replacement parts from functioning. What triggers the 59 error is when the formatter board is replaced, the printer recognizes two different versions of firmware (formatter vs. Main PCA Board). The printer wants to resolve this mismatch (79 error) by requiring a reinstall of the firmware to harmonize the two parts. If the new firmware is loaded, the printer displays the 59 error. If the older version of the firmware is loaded, the printer boots up normally.

WARNING! Once you upgrade, you can't downgrade the firmware.

Do not download the firmware from!

I have the previous stable firmware available for free on my website.

Click here to go to firmware link. 

How To Install Firmware:

1. Download and save the older firmware file (link above) to a USB stick.

2. Install the USB stick into the USB slot on the formatter.

3. Turn on the printer. It may take 2 or 3 attempts to boot.

4. After the firmware is installed, printer working, remove the USB stick.