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Designjet Belts

There are two easy ways to tell if your designjet 500 or designjet 800 printer needs its belt replaced. The first way is the most obvious, the carriage is jammed and will not move. Mostlikely, what has happened is the belt has become so frayed that it has split and is wrapped around the motor head on the right side. The other symptom of a faulty belt is a system error 86:10. This error generally indicates the belt is approaching the same state as the first case described.

The 86:10 error also may be due to a dirty encoder strip. The encoder strip is the metal strip running the length of the carriage axis and is how the carriage knows where it is located during the plot. Generally, taking a damp paper towel and wiping both sides of the encoder strip clean with your thumb and fore finger will clean it well enough to remedy it.

The best way to determine if your belt is defective is to open the front window and look below the belt the whole length of the printer. Specifically, run you finger along the axis below the belt and see if there are tiny black belt particles on the metal chassis. If there are, this is a good indication that your belt is defective and needs replaced.

To replace the belt, please watch the youtube videos provided in the product link.

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Part Numbering System

HP has many part numbers for the same part. They like to issue a new part number for a new lot being released for consumption. With carriage belts, the part numbering system is pretty simple.

Designjet 500, 510, and 800 24" belts are C7769-60182

Designjet 500, 510, and 800 42" belts are C7770-60014

HP service manual response to the system error 86:10

Carriage-Axis shutdown.

If this error code appeared but was NOT caused by a paper jam, then try the following:

Too much friction in the Slider Rod. Enter the Printer Information utility (⇒ Page 4-26) and check the Scan-Axis usage. If the percentage is close to 100%, then lubricate the Slider Rod.

The Carriage is bumping into the Service Station. If the carriage is stuck at the right hand side of the Printer and cannot be moved out to the center of the Print Platen it is because the Service Station cannot uncap the Printheads. In this case replace the Service Station/Aerosol Fan Assembly Page 8-52.

Perform the Carriage Movement test Page 4-8.

System Error: 61:05

A related error is System Error: 61:05. A 61:05 is a formatter card with the sniffles before it becomes a cold (05:10) and needs replaced.

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