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  1. Services Offered: Sales, support, and supply of parts and new HP Designjet printers since 1995. Put our experience to work for you.

  2. Cost Savings: You can save a significant amount of money by repairing your own HP Designjet printer instead of replacing it entirely. This is often true for large-format printers, where replacement parts can be more cost-effective than buying a new machine. However, if you want to upgrade and take advantage of the new technological features a new Designjet can offer, we can help find a model that is best for you.

  3. Longevity of Repairs: Self-repaired printer parts can extend the life of the printer for another 4 to 5 years. This is an important consideration for businesses looking to maximize the value of their equipment.

  4. Affordable Replacement Parts: Affordable replacement parts for HP Designjet printers can be appealing to end users who are looking for cost-effective solutions.

  5. New Plotters for Sale: A one-stop shop for both repair parts and new printer purchases.

  6. Fast Delivery: Fast delivery of replacement parts, which is essential for businesses that rely on these printers for their daily operations.

  7. Detailed YouTube Instructions: Video tutorials or guides available within the item listing as well as online to assist customers with DIY repairs.

  8. Access to Experienced Technician: Can be valuable for troubleshooting and technical support.

  9. Best Price, Best Support: It's time to call us now!

Designjet Printer Sale

In addition to my website, I can be found at my youtube channel fixyourdesignjet, Google Group fixyourdesignjet, http://fixyourdesignjet.blogspot.com, email fixed@designjetpartsfast.com, or by calling me, Tom, directly at 260.348.5653
My 28 years experience can help you troubleshoot any issue you are having with the HP products I support. My customers range from single users to corporate entities, school systems and government facilities. 
Feel like it is time to upgrade your Designjet?
I now offer new Designjet printers for sale.

Some of the parts I specialize in are the HP Designjet 500 belts, electronics modules, ink tube assemblies, trailing cables, and power supplies. In addition, I stock HP Designjet 510 formatter boards (GL/2 Cards) and HP Designjet 800 and HP Designjet 800ps formatter boards (GL/2 Cards). I have HP Designjet T610 formatter boards (GL/2 Cards), HP Designjet T1100 formatter boards (GL/2 Cards) , HP Designjet T770 formatter boards (GL/2 Cards) , HP Designjet T790 formatter boards (GL/2 Cards). 
Feedback from satisfied customers:

Tom was a huge help. Our IT guy said that this machine was outdated and just to buy a new  one which is around $4,500-$6,000. I reached out to Tom for help due to the 05:10 error and  he told me to replace the formatter board. Easy plug an play, less than a 5 min fix and it  is back up and running like it should for less then $300! Thank you very much Tom!

Excellent service, prompt shipping, fair prices, plus plotter was up an running in no time,  what more can you ask for? Tom will be the first person I contact for future plotter part  purchases.

Good price, quick service, great support. Tom was very knowledgeable and helpful in  identifying the problem and recommending the correct solution. The board worked perfectly  and our plotter was back in business in the minute following the card installation. This is  definitely the first place I’ll call in the future for any problem with HP devices …

Tom was awesome! We needed this part right away and he went out of his way to help. We went back and forth on the shipping method-and he was very patient for me. Also, gave us tips as  to why our cards kept getting ruined. I would definitely deal with Tom again. Frank on August 14 2015 at 04:40PM

This is my second purchase from Tom. Thank you for having the right parts at a reasonable price.


Finding the part for my hp designjet 500 was very easy to find on your site, Talking with Tom showed me what an expert he is in this field. Ordering was a dream(simple.) For action and delivery 100%. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Ps.I have already recommended you to to my friends who can do with your service.

This was my third purchase from this place and all have been smooth and trouble free  transactions. fast shipping and product as described. will do business again and recommend  this seller.

Tom was very helpful and worked with me to see if I would be able to put an HP-GL/2 into my  HP Designjet 500 that didn’t have one installed. He sent it to me to see if it would work  and it worked flawlessly allowing me to print from a couple of our computers that haven’t  been able to send a print to our plotter for years. Will definitely come back for any  future needs.

Tom was very accommodating in rushing our urgent need for our parts. We didn’t need  everything and he did not have a problem accepting our return. He is ALWAYS available and  in this industry, I’m pretty sure everyone agrees that we all need HELP ASAP!! Thanks for everything Tom!

Great service, quick shipping. What more can you ask for! Will reach out to Tom for future designjet plotter issues.

Quick service, excellent follow up, card worked first time we powered up. Will definitely use again.

Tom is a super nice guy and easy to deal with. He explained everything to me with patience  and went out of his way to accommodate our need to have the 510 GL/2 card sent to me UPS  Next Day! Don’t know if the printer is fixed yet because I just ordered the part 5 minutes  ago, but I will keep my fingers crossed. Either way, Tom was great!