Designjet Z6 Service Station | W6B55-67009

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What does a Designjet printer with a '0021-*’ error mean?

You power on your printer and on the display there is a message, ‘System Error 0021'. What this means is that the service station primer motor can not activate in order to rotate the sled that primes the printheads. In other words, the service stations job to preserve the printheads from drying up when not in use is disabled due to a build up of ink over flow in the spittoon. One of the service stations duties is to extract a few drops of ink from the nozzles to activate the printheads when a print job is sent to the printer. Over time, the ink build up in the spittoon over spills into the service station well. Causing the gears to lock. Which results in the 21 error. It is also possible that ink is starting to lump above the service station causing the bottom of the carriage assembly to scrap against it when moving, causing too much friction. What can be done to resolve these error? There is no simple troubleshooting step to help fix your printer. Most likely the service station is so full of ink that you need to be very careful when replacing it or else it will spill and stain you work space.