Designjet T830 Main PCA Board | 24/7 Support | Blue Screen

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HP Designjet T830 Main PCA Board 


updated 03/02/24

F9A30-67001, F9A28-67020


I've had service calls on several T830 with similar error codes. The last one was BA7E70E6. The Main PCA Board has a defective chip or routine call somewhere on it and needs to be replaced. Replacing the board has resolved the error for me.

The Main PCA is located on the left-hand side of the printer. This board is the 'brain' of the printer: where all the processing and printer management occurs; control of the overall machine (digital and mechatronics) with the battery for Real-Time clock. Single function and Multifunction versions share the same Main PCA. Memory size is 1 GB.

The Main PCA also contains other elements with the following functions:

Battery: to maintain the internal clock running. The internal clock is used to remember the actual date, used for cartridge life counting and warranty accounting.

WiFi module: Attached to the top of the board with some plastic locators, provides WiFi functionality to the printer.

Buzzer: To provide acoustic signals to the user.



If you have any questions, please call me, Tom, at 260.348.5653. I am a HP Certified Technician trained to work on the DesignJet series printers since 1995.