HP DesignJet 500/510/800 Service Station Fixes 21:10 Error

$ 80.00

To resolve a 21:10 service error on your HP Designjet 500 or HP Designjet 800 printer, your service station is dirty with ink and needs to be replaced. The service station in this video below is typical of used ones as ink builds up in the spittoon.


The refurbished service station you will receive from me is guaranteed to work.


I include a one year exchange warranty.


The purchase requires you the buyer to send your defective service station in for repair.


The turnaround time is 24 hours after I receive your part.


My shipping address is:


Tom Bush


Fort Wayne, IN 46845


I will forward you the tracking info when your part ships back to you.


Youtube video demonstrating how to remove and replace:

About me


I was an HP Customer Engineer from 1995-2002.


During this time, I serviced contract and warranty calls within the Northern Indiana area. When I left HP, I took my Designjet service experience and started my own business servicing out of contract plotters. Designjetpartsfast.com was launched in 2009. With over 19 years Designjet experience, I can help you resolve issues you are experiencing with your Designjet Printer.


Please call or email me with your Designjet questions. fixed@designjetpartsfast.com 260.348.5653