DesignJet 500/800 Series Ink Tubes Assembly C7770-60286

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Ink tubes wear out.


Generally the ink in the tubes dries and air can not pressurize the tubes sucking ink from the cartridges to the print heads. Alternatively, The print heads nozzles dry up over time if they are not used.  The easiest fix is to check the print heads is to remove them, shake vigorously a few times and with a damp paper towel blot the nozzles on the bottom to remove any dry ink  Then press the print head nozzles onto a pile of paper towels to pull the Windex and disolved ink out.  Then put the print heads back into the machine and do a print head alignment to get ink through all the heads.  You might have to do this more than once to get all the nozzles working again. 


HP has used a s a rule of thumb to print at least once a week to keep the printheads in good working order.


If that fails, you should replace the Ink Tube Assembly

Included with the tube assembly is instructions to replace. Below is the youtube video demonstrating how to remove the covers and the ink tubes.




Removing the HP Designjet 500 Ink Tube Assembly.

The service manual states you need setup print heads to replace the Ink Tube Assembly.
The setup print heads are not needed if you follow these simple steps.

1. Turn on printer. When you hear the carriage move, unplug from the wall.
2. Open the window and locate the carriage assembly.
3. Release the latch and lift up the carriage cover.
4. Remove all the print heads.
5. Open the ink cartridge access cover.
6. Remove all the ink cartridges
7. Switch OFF the printer and remove the power cord.
8. Remove the top cover and window.

Top Cover:
a: Remove the following screws
(Type A) from the rear that attach the Top Cover to the Printer:
2 T-20 screws for the 24" model. 3 T-20 screws for the 42" model.
b:Raise Window and unclip at both ends.
c: Lift up complete assembly (Window and Top Cover) and remove from Printer.

Right Cover:
a: Remove 1 T-20 screw (Type F) from the back of the Right Hand Cover. Located
lower corner below the spindle.
b: Open the Ink Cartridge Door and remove 1 T-20 screw (Type F) from the back of the Right Hand Cover located above the spindle.
c: Keep the Ink Cartridge Door open and remove 1 T-20 screw (Type F) from the top of the Right Hand Cover.
d: Remove 1 T-20 screw (Type F) from the front of the Right Hand Cover.
e: Open the Window and remove 1 T-20 screw (Type F) from the side plate.
f: Remove the Right Hand Cover.

9. Loosen 1 T-8 screw that secures the tubes to the carriage
10. Unclip the tubes from the carriage and lift up.
11.Unclip the tubes from the tubes guide.
12. Release the Tubes Bracket from the ink supply station
By pushing the clips inwardds and lifting up the bracket.
13. Remove the complete ink supply tubes assembly from the printer.
14. Reverse the process to install the new ink tube assembly.



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