HP DesignJet 800PS Formatter Board with Hard Drive c7779-60001

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What does a Designjet 800 printer with a '05:10' error mean?

You power on your printer and on the display there is a message, ‘System Error 05:10’. What can be done to resolve this error? To begin trouble shooting, try this . . . . from behind the printfer, above where the power cable is, there are two slots, one slot is for the Ethernet cable connection and the other for the formatter board. Try inserting the formatter board in the slot where the network cable is to eliminate the possibility of connection failure. If the issue is a faulty connection with the slot, the Main PCA Board needs replaced. If the panel still shows 05:10 Error - then the formatter board needs replaced.

Is the Designjet 800 worth repairing?

The HP Designjet 800 and HP Designjet 800ps series printers are essentially the same printer with only a slight difference in printing options and paper width (24 in. or 42 in.). Both use the same parts. HP Designjet 800 printer is relatively easy to repair compared to later models. With the youtube videos I feature at my fixyourdesignjet youtube channel, I make it easy for you to remove the covers and service your own designjet.  The HP Designjet 800 is one of the best printers HP every made.  They generally work year-after-year without any issues.  Common issues that require part to be replaced are carriage belts, trailing cable. Initially, the belt or trailing cable will cause intermittent errors before failing completely. Other parts that wear out are ink tube system and service station. Electronically, the electronics module (emod) and formatter board fail and can be replaced with the assistance of my youtube channel fixyourdesignjet videos. All the parts mentioned are available at my website designjetpartsfast.com. It is recommended that the printheads be used at least once a week, else they will dry up. I’ve been working on this series designjet since it was introduced in 1999 and think it is one of the all time best.

What does the Designjet 800 Formatter Board do?

At the time, of the Designjet 800 introduction on the market back in 2001, memory was expensive. HP offered a new tech feature of adding a 6 GB hard disk onto its newly designjet formatter board. The purpose of the board is to spool jobs, with focus on an office network environment. It also translates computer software machine code into code that the printer recognizes. Additionally, Autocad utilizes advance features that the formatter board translates.

There are too many part numbers. Which part number is the right one for my printer?

HP has historically used a numbering system that is based on a series lot being produced. When assigning part numbers to replacement parts, when that lot is consumed, a new lot is released. Therefore, although there maybe a half dozen different part numbers, all you need to know is you will receive the exact same engineered part.

How does the one year exchange warranty work?