HP DesignJet Z2600 Formatter w/ Hard Drive | T0B51-67007

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If your display shows a 08:07 or 08:11 error code on a HP Designjet Z2600 printer and it never goes past 1% . . . the hard disk needs replaced if the LEDs on the formatter read:










Due to the fact that installed disks are married to the printer,

no returns are accepted on the sale.



HP Designjet Formatters: The Complete Guide To Repairing Your Designjet Printer

After spending over two decades building a career fixing all Designjet printer models in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan, I’m sharing my service notes with you. I analyzed two dozen different Designjet models and broke them down, comparing data with internet resources to confirm my results. I don’t claim that what I’ve put together here is perfect, but if you’re a nerd or in need of some solid Designjet information, and want to know for certain whether or not you should repair your Designjet printer, or haul it to the curb for disposal, I hope this helps.

What Exactly Does The Formatter Board Do?

When the printer sends a file to the printer for output, it is the formatter boards job to translate that input data into machine code that the printer understands before it is sent to the Engine Control System. Also known as the GL/2 card, additional high end Autocad features can be utilized by the formatter board.

Designjet Formatter Board Hard Disks Explained

It is the hard disk job to spool the files it receives and put them in the queue for printing. Since printers are generally left on much like an appliance, over time the hard disk wears out and needs replaced. The disks are formatted in HP-UNIX. Diskcopy from a Windows PC is prohibited. If possible, it is best to turn off the printer when not in use for optimal extension of the printer life cycle.

Availability Of Replacement Parts

At the bottom of this article are links to all replacement parts. Additional documentation and youtube videos are posted on those pages as well. If you still have a specific question regarding your defective Designjet printer, please call me at 260.348.5653. My normal business hours are weekdays, EST.