T120 Main PCA Board Repair | BLUE Screen Error CQ890-67097

$ 99.99

HP Designjet T120 Main PCA Board Repair


Different lot number part numbers reference the same part: CQ891-67019


I've had service calls on several T120 with similar error codes. The last one was BA7E70E6. The 'B' codes harkens back to the day when I routinely saw this type of error on the old 1050c\ 1055cm models. I used to tell customers you have the 'error code of death'. In more technical terms, the Main PCA Board has a defective chip or routine call somewhere on it and needs to be replaced. Replacing the (CQ891-67019) has resolved the error for me.


I will send you a pre-paid shipping label for the shipment of your defective part. When the package arrives, your part will be repaired and shipped back to you. * The item listing on the website is for repairing the customer's board. Regretfully, I cannot repair the network port. If you need a new Main PCA Boards, an invoice for the additional cost of $70 will be sent to you after checkout.

Service Manual replacement procedure:

 http://designjetpartsfast.com/blogs/help-page/174137735-how-to-replace-a-designjet-t520-main-pca-board .


If you have any questions, please call me, Tom, at 260.348.5653. I am a HP Certified Technician trained to work on the DesignJet series printers since 1995.